It’s time to get your home ready for winter as the leaves, along with the temperatures are dropping.  Here is a list of a few things to check on to prepare your home for colder weather and a house full of holiday guests:

Attic:  remove insulation blocking soffit vents


  • Clean sliding glass door tracks, check drain holes and adjust roller. Apply silicone spray to track.
  • Check weather stripping on exterior doors, adjust or replace as necessary.
  • Oil garage door hinges and lubricate metal tracks.


  • Check cords and plugs of all electrical appliances and lamps. Repair or replace as necessary.
  • Test and reset Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlets

Exterior Trim and Siding:  Check for caulking shrinkage and separation of trim and siding. Re-caulk as necessary.

Fireplace:  Arrange for professional cleaning and inspection. Inspect damper and check firebox.


  • Clean supply-air and return-air registers.
  • Arrange for inspection and maintenance of furnace prior to heating season.


  • Winterize exterior pipes and faucets
  • Remove and store hoses
  • Check water shut-off valves, tighten if leaking


  • Inspect roofing for loose shingles, inspect flashing for damage, separation and gaps
  • Inspect and clean gutters
  • Adjust downspouts and splash blocks

Smoke Detectors: Test, clean cover and parts.


  • Check exterior window trim and re-caulk as necessary
  • Check weather stripping. Adjust or replace as necessary
  • Clean and lubricate tracks

Check charge on fire extinguishers and recharge as necessary.

Enjoy the change of season without worrying about your home. Happy Holidays!