My husband and I have downsized and we love it!
I have many clients who have downsized and more are considering the idea. Now that the nest is empty, downsizing is a great opportunity to enter a whole new stage in life. The advantages far outweigh the thought of moving and getting rid of your “stuff”.Moving to a smaller home can open up new found freedom with less monthly expenses, less clutter and more life. A new lifestyle upgrade puts you in close proximity to amenities such as restaurants, theaters, golf, biking, tennis and shopping. The ability to turn the key and take off on a spur of the moment trip is great fun, and after all, you have worked hard for a long time, so you should start enjoying new adventures!

I love working with clients who are moving in this direction because I understand the entire process.  Over the years our tastes change, and our needs change. Living on one floor is more enjoyable, easier to maintain, and a great reason to make the move. A lot of us are now at a point where we want to clear out our clutter, and live in an easier to maintain lifestyle. It’s also a time to refocus on things you have discovered are missing from your current home.  A smaller home can be a chance to have what your life needs now.